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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Help me to review the NEX-7 :P

Here's a fun idea, vote for my entry in this facebook photo contest and if I win the Sony NEX-7 I will post a review of it on this blog!

Follow the link and click on the "vote" button, you can keep voting for the same photo once every 24 hours!

I've taken quite a lot of photos recently but haven't gotten around to sharing any, I have been trying to use my Samyang 8mm fisheye so it doesn't become a novelty item that sits in the bottom of the bag constantly, it was almost like a personal challenge and I have been very pleased with the results! I have also used my Voigtlander APO Lanthar 90mm (the first Cosina version) and have been very pleased with the images from that little beauty! I will write about both of them soon.

I'm sure you can guess which lens this is from:

Cardiff Bay

More to come soon!

PS: The reviews are appearing for the new Sigma 19mm and 30mm lenses that every one said would be crap because of the unambitious technical specifications, remember back in January when I said "no doubt they are designs that were relatively cheap and easy to make but there's nothing to say they won't give stunning IQ" and "Sigma make some really fantastic lenses so while I agree these don't look earth shatteringly impressive I have confidence they will combine good value with strong image quality so I'll be looking forward to some reviews and samples!"??

I hate to say I told you so!    (No I don't, I love it!)


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