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Friday, 3 February 2012

New Tokina 300mm F/6.3 Mirror Lens for Micro Four Thirds!


Kenko/Tokina have announced another new mirror lens, this time a 300mm F/6.3 for micro four thirds and it's absolutely tiny!

The lens is manual focus but does communicate with the camera for accurate metering and exif information.

The fact that Tokina have put their name on it instead of Kenko means there's real potential for decent image quality from this lens but time will tell!

Kenko/Tokina seem to have their finger on the pulse and have noticed the ridiculous amount of interest in mirror lenses at the moment, some dismiss these lenses as being inferior to conventional designs but I think they miss the point, people tend to buy these lenses specifically for their quirks such as compact size and donut bokeh, few would buy a lens like this as a genuine alternative to more conventional designs.

As with the recently announced 400mm I am looking forwards to some reviews!


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