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Monday, 24 October 2011

Image Theft!!

When it comes to sharing my photos I am pretty easy going, I mention on my flickr account that people are free to repost, reblog and share my photos as long as a link back and credit are provided which I think is pretty generous.

The following websites are all using my images without a linkback or credit and to make matters worse several of them are very large corporate websites!

Needless to say that once a body of evidence is gathered I shall be issuing some invoices and take down notices!


Antony Ratcliffe said... Best Blogger Tips

Crikey, looks like they're impressed with one image in particular there! You could have made a few bob from that advertising it in the right places, I bet they have.....
Just out of interest Dave how did you manage to track your images?

D said... Best Blogger Tips


Tell me about it, pretty much one specific image so far and people love it! I'm just amazed I haven't had even one single honest enquiry about it!

Here's how to check your photos, I'll be making a post about it soon!

Google has a new reverse image search, if you go to and click images there is a little blue camera in the corner of the search box and when you click it the reverse image search opens and you can either upload a photo, drag and drop a photo or enter the address of a photo and google will then find all occurrences of that image on the internet and display them as easy to use search results!

Antony Ratcliffe said... Best Blogger Tips

Cheers for that Dave.
Not really surprised about you having zero enquiries about interested parties using your images, it seems it's a free for all these days!

Edwin Singgih said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Dave,

I have just started following your blog, very helpful information for a starter like me.

Using Lumix G5 now, and just bought a carl zeiss Tevidon 16 /f:1.8. Curious to try it on as soon as I have it..

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